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Born unfree
Oxford University Press, 2006
Shelf mark. 116728
Developing India
University of Chicago Press, 1961
Shelf mark. 052456
Indian voting behaviour
Firma K. L. Mukhopadhayay, 1965
Shelf mark. 073234
Basic Books, 1966
Shelf mark. 121440
Weiner, Myron
Sons of the soil
Princeton University Press, 1978
Shelf mark. 052987
State politics in India
Princeton University Press, 1968
Shelf mark. 053428
Weiner, Myron
The Indian paradox
Sage Publications, 1989
Shelf mark. 052988
Weiner, Myron
The politics of scarcity
University of Chicago Press, 1962
Shelf mark. 072697
The state, religion and ethnic politics
Syracuse University Press, 1988
Shelf mark. 053389