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Lal, B. B, 1921-
On the most frequently used sign in the indus script
Shelf mark. 094736 IRC
Lal, B. B, 1921-
West was West and East was East, but when and how did the twain meet?
[s.n.], 1979
Shelf mark. 075575 L
Lal, B. B, 1921-
Why perpetuate myths ?
National Council of Educational Research and Training, 2003
Shelf mark. 075568
Lal, B. B, 1921-
ராதாஸ்வாமி மத தர்சனம்
ஹிந்தி பிரசார அச்சுக்கூடம், 1928
Shelf mark. 019952; 036287