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RMRL has organically grown over the years by expanding the collection and in creating a strong User base around the world. More than 25 lakh page images have been microfilmed/digitized in addition to expanding its paper based collection. It has added the Indus Research centre to its facilities. It has been organizing seminars/workshops, exhibitions and monthly lectures. An extensive library survey has been done to map the libraries and collections in the region to create and make the database accessible to scholars around the world by placing it on the Internet and thereby enabling scholars to find research material quickly and efficiently. To this extent, RMRL has catalogued some of the major collections such as the U. V. Sa library, Kalachuvadu Trust Library, Kalakshetra Library, Music Academy Library and others. RMRL has taken leadership in creating standards in South Asia for cataloguing and preservation and extends expertise in all these areas by sharing them to with other libraries and institutions. The reference support is also being extended through telephone and email. RMRL has been functioning only through project grants. It is now focusing on raising support for the different activities from philanthropists, Corporates, Charitable organizations, Foundations, Scholars and Users of the Library to help RMRL pursue its objectives effectively. The donation provided by you can be accounted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. It can be a tax saver for you.

Support can be extended to the following areas:

Donate Books and Audio Records
Donate towards the Corpus Fund
Voluntary Membership
Adopt a book
Sponsor an Exhibition
Sponsor a Seminar / Lecture
Donate Equipment such as Scanners, Computers, printers
Sponsor a Publication – Bulletin of the IRC, Newsletter, Reprint of a Classical Text
Fund to establish an endowment for Research

Interested patrons may kindly contribute by sending a cheque/DD in the name of ROJA MUTHIAH RESEARCH LIBRARY TRUST to the address below :

Roja Muthiah Research Library Trust
3rd Cross Road, Central Polytechnic Campus
Taramani, Chennai 600 113.

Please click here to download the appeal.

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Showcasing Tamil heritage through lectures, exhibitions, , seminars.


RMRL celebrates 25th year anniversary

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