Papers on the Indus Script by Dr. Iravatham Mahadevan

Dravidian parallels in proto-Indian script (1970)

Pallavas and the jar legends (1971)

Method of parallelisms in the interpretation of the proto-Indian script (1973)

Study of the Indus script through bi-lingual parallels (1975)

The Indus script: texts, concordance (1977)

The Indus script: tables  (1977)

Recent advances in the study of the Indus script  (1978)

Indus script in the Indian historical tradition  (1980)

Place signs in the Indus script  (1981)

Terminal ideograms in the Indus script  (1982)

S. R. Rao’s decipherment of the Indus script  (1982)

Indus sealing from Hulas  (1982)

The cult object on unicorn seals: a sacred filter? In logical perspective of India since independence  (1983)

The cult object on unicorn seals: a sacred filter? In logical perspective of India since independence  in Archaeological Perspective of India since Independence  (1983)

Claims of decipherment of the Indus script: some objective methods to test their validity  (1985)

Study of the Indus script. A bilingual approach (1986)

Towards a grammar of the Indus texts: ‘intelligible to the eye, if not to the ears’ (1986)

Dravidian models of decipherment of the Indus script (1986)

Computer study of the Indus Script (1986)

Agastya legend and the Indus civilization (1986)

What do we know about the Indus script? neti neti (‘not this nor that’) (1989)

The Sacred filter standard facing the unicorn (1993)

An encyclopedia of the Indus script. (Review of Deciphering the Indus Script, Asko Parpola, 1994) (1995)

Phonetic value of the arrow sign in the Indus script  (1998)

Murukan in the Indus script (1999)

Indus like symbols  on megalithic pottery: new evidence (2001)

Inscriptions and graffiti from Muciri (2001)

Aryan or Dravidian or neither?: a study of recent attempts to decipher the Indus script (2001)

A Note on the Muruku sign of the Indus script (2006)

Agricultural terms in the Indus script (2006)

Towards a Scientific Study (2007)

A Megalithic Pottery Inscription and a Harappa tablet. A case of extraordinary resemblance (2007)

How did the ‘great god’ get a ‘blue neck’?  (2008)

Indus non script is not issue (2009)

Vestiges of Indus Civilisation in Old Tamil (2009)

Meluhha and Agastya : Alpha and Omega of the Indus Script (2009)

Harrapan Heritage of Andhra: A New Interpretation (2010)

Indus like inscription on South Indian pottery from Thailand (2010)

Akam and Puram : Address Signs of the Indus Script (2010)

The Indus Script Text and Context (2010)

Bulletin No 2- The Indus Fish Swam in the Great Bath: A New Solution to an Old Riddle (2011), Indus Research Centre

Bulletin No 4- Dravidian Proof of the Indus Script via the Rig Veda: A Case Study (2014), Indus Research Centre

Interpreting the Indus Script: The Dravidian Solution (Convocation Address. 26th February, 2015. Dravidian University. Kuppam)


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