Monthly Lecture – Labour Migrations: Past and Present – Issues and Challenges

Labour Migrations: Past and Present – Issues and Challenges


Dr. Bernard D’ Sami
Associate Professor, Department of History, Loyola College

Summary of the talk

The world has been witnessing migration of people from time immemorial. The “Colonial Era” saw labour migrations on a large scale, and started a trend that continues even today. Dr. Bernard D’Sami will cover the “four phases” of the labour migrations of this period, along with the issues and challenges associated with them.

About the Speaker

Dr. Bernard D’ Sami is an Associate Professor in History and former Head of the Department of History at Loyola College, Chennai between 2000-2005. He was Dean of the Students between 1998-2001 and he served as Director of the Students Service Centre (Placement and Training) between 2001-2005. He is now the director of the ‘outreach’ programme of the college. He went to US under the International visitors programme in 1992. He is a Salzburg Fellow, 1994. He went to Oxford University for a summer institute on ‘Forced Migration’ in the Refugee Studies Centre. He went to Stockholm, Sweden on the Olaf Palme North-South Fellowship programme to the Stockholm Institute of education in summer 2002. He is an Executive Committee member of the Association of the British Scholars in India. He is a Guest faculty at IIT Madras.


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