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Title – Thirukkural
Written by Thiruvalluvar
Published in 1831
Accession No. 100656
This is one of the earliest publications of Tirukkural. Thirukkural is an ethical text in Tamil written around 2000 years back.

Title – Arunagiriyandhadhi
Written by Gukai Namasivaya Thevar
Published in 1833
Accession No. 106208
This was written by sage Namasivaya Thevar, who lived in the 16th century. The book was published from his manuscript available in palm leaves.

Title – Thiruvirinjai Murukan Pillai Tamil
Written by Markkasakaya Thevar
Published in 1836
Accession No. 106212
Pillai Tamil is one of the religious genres in which the poets imagine their favourite gods or person as baby and sing songs on them. This book was first published Pillai Tamil on lord Murukan.

Title – Rama Natakam
Written by Arunachala Kavirayar
Published in 1838
Accession No. 110677
Rama Natakam is one of the oldest drama text in published in Tamil.

Title – Kasi Kalambakam
Written by Kumaragurubara Adikal
Published in 1839
Accession No. 106213

Title – Protestant Christhumatha Kandanam
Published in 1840
Accession No. 103118
This book was written against the Christianity.

Title – Nannool Virithiyurai
Written by Pavanandhi
Published in 1847
Accession No. 100254

This is a grammer text in Tamil language.

Title – Ilakkana Surukkam
Written by Ramanija Kavirayar
Published in 1848
Accession No. 100617

Title – Arudhra Dharisana Varalaru
Published in 1850
Accession No. 102715
This is a Shaivite text written praising lord Nataraja

Title – Vandhavalappam Oradi Sindhu
Written by Dhamodhara Mudhaliyar
Published in 1850
Accession No. 106539
This is a folk literature written in the style known as Sindhu. This tells about the experience on visiting Rameswaram

Title – Ilakkanavilakka Sooravali
Written by Sivagnana Munivar
Published in 1851
Accession No. 100302
This is a book on Tamil grammar.

Title – Udarkootru Elappattu
Published in 185?
Accession No. 106538
This is a folk literature written in the style of Elappattu.

Title – Thiruvaimozhi
Written by Nammazhvar
Published in 1858
Accession No. 104217
This is a Vaishnavite literature.

Title – Tamil Seyyut Kalambakam
Written by G. U. Pope
Published in 1859
Accession No. 98511
This was written by G. U. Pope for students to understand the grammar of Tamil language easily

Title – Needhi Nool
Written by Vedhanayakam Pillai
Published in 1860
Accession No. 100759
This is a book on ethics and principles.

Title – Seeravenkira Puranam
Written by Umaru Pulavar
Published in 1862
Accession No. 77691
This is a book that elaborates the history of Islam.

Title – Sivagnanapodha Moolam
Written by Pollaapillai
Published in 1866
Accession No. 101902
This is a book on Saivism philosophy.

Title – Amirthasaaram
Written by Thathuvaraaya Swamikal
Published in 1867
Accession No. 98095
This book was written with both Saivism and Vaishnavism as a philosophy.

Title – Thathuvanijanupoga Sakaram
Written by Thathuvalinga Swamigal
Published in 1878
Accession No. 37802
This book was written against the philosophy of Advaitha

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