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As a renowned research library, RMRL published various books and is associated with various research institutions. Collaborations with the British Library, the Univerisity of Chicago, and the Centre for Research Libraries are some that validate our unwavering commitment to excellence in knowledge preservation.

Our Courses

Courses and
training programs

RMRL offers hands-on training in documentation, preservation and paper conservation. RMRL also has organized tailor-made training programmes for institutions and individuals based on their requirements.

Some of the institutions that have received training are Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Archives, Mumbai, The Godrej Archives, Mumbai, IIT, Kanpur, IIT, Madras, Sundarayya Vignana Kendram, Hyderabad, The Centre for Studies and Social Sciences, Kolkata, French Institute of Pondicherry, Pondicherry, Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya, Kathmandu, Nepal, Kalakshetra Foundations, Chennai, Music Academy, Chennai, Mushfiq Khwaja Library and Research Centre, Karachi, Sikkim Royal Palace Archives, Sikkim.

RMRL offers consultancy services to other institutions in the areas of setting up archives, documentation, preservation and conservation. RMRL has been consulting to the Government of Tamilnadu in microfilming and digitization. It has also provided training in the digitization and cataloguing of palm-leaf manuscripts.

In addition to training, RMRL conducts courses in research writing and methodologies. Currently, RMRL is conducting a two-week course on academic writing.

Our Pubications

Journey of a civilisation:
Indus to Vaigai Author
R. Balakrishnan

Author: R. Balakrishnan
With over three reprints and a translation within three years, ‘The Journey of a Civilization’ is greatly successful in the publication of RMRL. The book maps a journey of Indus Valley civilization towards the south.

ஒரு பண்பாட்டின் பயணம்: சிந்து முதல் வைகை வரை ஆர் பாலகிருஷ்ணன்

Republished Version

சிந்துவெளிப் பண்பாடு, அதன் மொழி குறித்த புதிர்களுக்கும் திராவிட மொழி பேசும் மக்கள் தோற்றம் குறிப்பாக தொல்தமிழரின் வரலாறு சார்ந்த புதிர்களுக்கும் இடையிலான தொடர்புகளை நிறுவுகிறது ஒரு பண்பாட்டின் பயணம். 

நவீன கல்விக் கொள்கையை நோக்கி: மெக்காலே கூறியது என்ன? க. சுந்தர் ஆர். விஜயசங்கர்

Author: G. Sundar & R. Vijayasankar
இந்தியத் துணைக்கண்டத்தின் கல்வி வரலாற்றில் தனக்கென்ற ஒரு தனி இடத்தினை ‘மெக்காலே அறிக்கை’ கொண்டுள்ளது. மெக்காலே அவர் அறிக்கையில் குறிப்பிட்டது என்ன என்பதை ஒவ்வொருவரும் அறிந்து கொள்வது முக்கியமானது.

Thirukkural a collectors edition

Republished Version
1812 Thirukkural is the first printed early text in the history of Tamil Literature. RMRL recreated the original book from its archives as a collector’s edition with high-quality production. This book is in Vattelluthu as it was in the early palm leaves.
Annual Report & Newsletter

As a process of institutional archiving and transparent accounting process, RMRL uploads its Annual Reports. The RMRL newsletter and IRC bulletin briefly describe the activities and initiatives led by the library and its research institutions.

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