Mr. K. R. A. Narasiah : The “Great Poet” Debate: Mahakavi Yaar?
Prof. Daniel Jeyaraj : Introducing Indian Teachings and Ways of Life to Europeans: Exchange of Ideas between Tamil Pundits and European Missionaries in pre-colonial India
Dr. Sitabhra Sinha : New Approaches to Understanding the Indus Inscriptions
Dr. Jean-Luc Chevillard : “A preliminary survey of the musical and metrical colophons in the /Nālāyira Tivya Prapantam/ Palm-leaf Manuscripts from the EFEO collection” 
Dr. Eva Maria Wilden : “Vēṟu oru taṉip pāṣai: Deciphering, Copying and Printing Caṅkam Texts from Manuscript”
Mr. R. Balakrishnan: “The “High-West: Low East” Dichotomy of Indus City Layouts: A Dravidian Paradigm”
Dr. Rick Weiss: “The Publication of Ramalinga Adigal’s Tiruvarutpa”
பேராசிரியர். சு. வேங்கடராமன்: “ரா. இராகவையங்காரின் இலக்கிய வரலாற்றுப் பார்வை”



Showcasing Tamil heritage through lectures, exhibitions, , seminars.


RMRL celebrates 25th year anniversary

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