Indira Viswanathan Peterson : Becoming a Chola Monarch in 19th Century Thanjavur The Maratha Ruler Serfoji II and the Brihadeeswara temple
R. Muthukumaraswamy : Printing and Publishing in Tamil
K. VenkatachalamWeights and Measures in Indus Civilization
Kanimozhi : My Experiences in organizing Chennai Sangamam
A. Mangai : Post colonialism and politics of culture
Dr. Iravatham Mahadevan : Agricultural Terms in the Indus Script
Dr. Indira Chowdhury : Collective memory, Institutuional History and the Institutional Archives
Dr. Job Thomas : Mayank N Vahiya – India’s prehistory: New evidence from Archaelogy Astronomy, Genetics, Genelogy and Linguistics
Lawrence Liang : Archival documents and copyright issues
R. Madhivanan : சிந்துவெளி நாகரிகம்: அண்ணாமலை கண்டுபிடிப்புகள்
A. Marx : காந்தியின் இன்றைய பொருத்தப்பாடு
Subbiah Arunachalam : National Knowledge Commission and its implication on Libraries
Mytheli Sreenivas : Women’s print culture and the (Anti) Colonial Archive. Reading Emotion, history and Nation


Showcasing Tamil heritage through lectures, exhibitions, , seminars.


RMRL celebrates 25th year anniversary

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