Roja Muthiah Research Library

About Us

Roja Muthiah Research Library has one of the largest organised collections of Tamil sonic, visual and print material in the world.

The Roja Muthiah Research Library (RMRL) is a unique institution in South Asia that encompasses a library, an archive, a museum, and research centres. Established in 1994, it houses an impressive collection of 500,000 items. This is one of the world’s largest and organised collections that represent major aspects of Tamil civilisation. Over the years, RMRL has evolved into an engaging and dynamic cultural space. To explore the world of culture, RMRL has two paths: exploring the past and looking into the present. The Indus Research Centre focuses on civilisational inheritance, while the Centre for Study in Public Sphere delves into contemporary aspects of culture.


Board of Trustees

R. Balakrishnan

Civil Services (Retd.)

Karumuttu T. Kannan


Prof. Mahesh Rangarajan

Vice-Chancellor, Krea University

Ramani Natarajan

Constitutional Lawyer

G. Sundar

(Founder Trustee), Archivist

S. Theodore Baskaran

(Founder Trustee), Film Historian, Author

Uma Narayanan

Social Worker

Dr. Urvashi Butalia

Author, Publisher

Prof. M. Vijayabaskar

Faculty, MIDS & Member, State Planning Commission, Govt. of Tamil Nadu


G. Sundar, Since 2005
S. Theodore Baskaran, 1998-2001
P. Sankaralingam (Late), 1994-1997

Management Team

S. Muthu Malathi, Reference
M. Manikanda Subbu, Development Executive

Heads of

R. Balakrishnan, Honorary Consultant, Indus Research Centre
A. S. Panneerselvan, Fellow, Centre for Study in Public Sphere
R. Vijayasankar, Director, Research & Publications
R. Prakash, Centre for Cataloguing and Preservation


S. Muthu Malathi, Assistant Director, Reference Services
M. Manikanda Subbu, Assistant Director, Administration
E. K. Mohan, Senior Technical Assistant, Conservation
A. Sathyamurthy, Senior Technical Assistant, Reprographics
M. Ravi, Senior Technical Assistant, Reprographics
C. Naresh, Technical Assistant, Reprographics
K. Thangam, Technical Assistant, Reference Services
Dr. Se. Dhanapal, Research Assistant
Ranjith Roozo, Technical Officer