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Balasubramanian, R
Advaita vedanta
Centre for Advanced Study in Philosophy, University of Madras, 1976
Shelf mark. 056622
India Philosophical annual
University of Madras, 1968
Shelf mark. 073863; 073864; 073865
Indian philosophical annual
Radhakrishnan Institute for Advances study in Philosophy, University of Madras, 1984
Shelf mark. 078498; 078506
Report of Thiru R. Balasubramanian Commission of Inquiry constituted to inquire into the incident of violent clashes between the processionists of the Tamil Nadu Devendrakula Vellalar Federation and the residence of Ayothiakuppam in Kamarajar Salai near Seerani Arangam, Chennai and consequent police firing in 6th October 1995
Government of Tamilnadu, 1998
Shelf mark. 075977
Skolimowski, Henryk
Technology and human destiny
University of Madras, 1983
Shelf mark. 082655
The Śaivaparibhāṣā of Śivāgrayogin
Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Institute for Advanced Study in Philosophy, University of Madras, 1982
Shelf mark. 109134